Shape your body without surgery

Unique combination of 3 technologies for body sculpting:

Cryolipolysis / Thermotherapy / Vaccum Therapy

Cryolipolysis crystallizes the cytoplasm of fat cells by administering cold at a controlled temperature between 15 and -10°C.

IR Thermotherapy (Infrared) expands and stimulates the membrane of the frozen cells to dissolve them.

The Vaccum therapy (negative pressure therapy) activate tissue to engage the natural drainage of removed fat.

Fat cells are frozen, dissolved and
drained naturally by your body

Cellulite Treatment

The Fasthshape technology represents the best current alternative and non-surgical treatment of localized fat. With a medical professional (doctor, dermatologist, surgeon), a precise analysis of fatty deposits in your body will be conducted and a customized treatment will be offered.

With these 3 embedded technologies, highly concentrated cellulite areas are processed to reduce overall body fat, without using surgery.

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Body Sculpting

With Fastshape technology, a complete body contouring can be considered. After treatment of highly concentrated cellulite areas, your doctor will analyze and offer you a secondary treatment, related to « low-fat zone » in order to gradually reshape your body. With Fastshape technology, you can sculpt every part of your body as you like: Neck, arm, stomach, love handles, thigh, buttocks ...

Fastshape : The guarantee of a customized body
without surgery....

Information Cryolipolysis

A Revolutionary Technology

- Highly Effective

- Immediate Results

- Without anesthesia

- Multi-depth treatment

- Remove only fat cells

- Now for Body and Face

- Optimal Results within 60 days

- Non invasive treatment - No surgery

- Permanent Reduction of adipose tissue

- The patient can move during or right after the treatment

- Can be combined with other aesthetic medical treatments

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Doctor cryolipolysis treatment / remove cellulite Cryolipolysis