What is the SublimLift Treatment ?

SublimLift uses ultrasonic energy commonly used in oncology and physical therapies.
These sound waves generate heat to shrink and lift the skin without altering its surface.

Our modern and innovative ultrasonic technology HIFU is the only non-invasive alternative to surgical treatment of the skin. The ultrasonic energy influences the various layers of the dermis without affecting the epidermis.

Unlike the laser, which penetrates the skin, SublimLift does not affect the surface of the skin, but specifically focuses on the deeper layers of the skin where collagen resides.

SublimLift works from the inside to lift and tighten the skin without causing injury. Our technology can trigger a thermocoagulation process and activate the production of collagen under the skin.

Facelift / Bodylift without surgery ?

The Starlift Laser equipment is the only one that has different sized cartridges. Depending on whether it is a facial or body skin treatment, the use of specific cartridges ensures obtaining the best results.

Facial Treatment : Facelift without surgery.

Body Treatment: Improve the body contours and shape the silhouette.


The main Advantages of SublimLift ?

sublimtLift treatment

· Non invasive treatment – No surgery.

· Without anesthesia – No cut – Skin remains intact

· Effective and progressive results.

· Tightening effect is visible immediately.

When do we see the Results ?

There is an improvement in skin elasticity and a substantial visible reduction at the end of the first session. Optimal effects are visible after few weeks, 60 days after the first treatment in general.


How many treatments do I need ?

Between 1 and 3 session can be required depending on the area to treat and your expectations. After the first results, your doctor will advise you and offer you additional sessions if necessary. A secondary treatment can be done for other areas of your body.


How lond does the treatment last ?

Usually, it can last between 10 and 90 minutes, depending on the areas to be treated. During your meeting, the doctor will inform you of the estimated duration of the treatment.




How to prepare for your SublimLift treatment ?
What is a SublimLift treatment typical Day ?
How many treatments will I need ?
When can I expect results ?
Has the treatment been clinically tested ?
How do I maximize my treatment results ?
How do I maintain the result of my SublimLift treatment ?




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